Dealing with setbacks

Namaste, dear Yogis and Yoginis! I hope this finds you well.

Remember when I wrote in the last newsletter that we can choose how to react to situations that are beyond our control?

Well, I got a taste of my own medicine these past couple of weeks! Just in case you thought the life of a (modern) Yogi is all easy-breezy, let me share with you a few of the struggles I have been going through (thank goodness the journey is the goal, eh?)

So I got Corona, and I am still in quarantine. In my case, Corona came on top of a sinusitis. I want and need to take time to recover so as not to screw up my health completely.

However, this has serious consequences on my business: not only do I have to cancel my classes in a time where my students really need yoga. I also have to push back my new beginners’ class – what a great impression this makes on my four brand-new students! Finally, I missed the final training weekend on “Yoga and Cancer” and cannot make it up until later on this year. So this throws my whole business concept back at least six months!

As you can imagine, I went through some of the instant reactions I outlined before: sadness, frustration, fear, and of course the most popular one: “why me!?” 😉

Five, six years go, I would have spiraled downward super quickly straight into another depressive episode. I am sure of it.

But in the past four years I have developed – through yoga, through therapy, through working a lot on and with myself – a great trust into the universe. (You may replace the word “universe” with any other pronoun that suits you: God, Source – whatever works for you), and an immense curiosity in life.

And so I accept that I have Corona with all its consequences, and I trust that something good will come out of this. Because, so far it always has!



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