Happy Lotus is offering regular English-speaking classes  – plus additional multimedia materials such as short yoga sequences and meditations. Due to the ongoing Corona threat, all classes are currently held online.

The corona virus has far-reaching consequences into our lives. It is here and now that Yoga can help – even if you haven’t stood on a yoga mat before. It offers you a break from the uncertainties „out there“. As you probably know from other sports or activities, once you are concentrating on what you are doing, you forget everything else. Unlike most other sports, however, Yoga invites you to focus on yourself, to get to know yourself better, to love yourself more. Your yoga mat becomes your own personal wellness spa. It also helps you grow on and off the mat.

Additionally, Yoga strengthens your immune system and your blood circulation (among other things) – both important factors in protecting your health from disease. And it gives you inner balance, it helps to ground and center yourself. This in turn will help you in addressing the challenges at hand in a calm, focused way, without being influenced so much by what everyone else is saying and doing.

Online Classes:

  • Tuesday, 8-9 am: Wake-Up-Yoga (German)
  • Wednesday, 7.45-8.35 am: Early-Bird-Yoga (English)
  • Wednesday, 12.15-1 pm: Lunch Break Yoga (German)
  • Thursday, 9-10 am: Good-Morning-Yoga (German)
  • Friday, 6-7 pm: Weekend Flow (German)
  • Sunday 6-7 pm: Sunday Yoga (English)

Online Prices:

  • Trial session: 7 EUR
  • Drop-In: 10 EUR
  • Flat Rate: 40 EUR (valid until 30 June)

The flat rate gives you access to all live classes, plus to the additional materials such as yoga sequences for specific body parts, meditations and breathing exercises. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions: anna@happylotus.de, or use the contact form on this website. 

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