New class additions starting June!

Exciting changes on Tuesdays and Fridays!

As Corona continues to take a back seat (at least for now!), I am taking the next step in expanding the class schedule.

From June on, Friday’s “Weekend Flow” – which has been an online class only this past year – will take place in the lovely Yogaraum Ehrenfeld again. With the “Weekend Flow”, we let go of the week’s stress with an energetic practice, and build positive energy for our weekend with breathing techniques and meditation.

The yoga studio is really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, a true oasis in the city. Good quality mats, belts, bolsters and blocks are available to you. The studio itself is spacious and comes with a high-quality air filter. Still, to allow everyone to feel comfortable, I am limiting this class to 8 participants. Of course, you can also continue to practice with us on Zoom! Either way, you can register here to secure your spot:

What: Weekend Flow

Where: Yogaraum Ehrenfeld, Rothehausstr. 1A, 50823 Köln or on Zoom.


Starting 14 June, a new open “Yoga for All” class takes place in the studio and on Zoom. This class is ideal for everyone who wants to refocus their energy after work with a fun, light-hearted practice. It is suitable for beginners and for more advanced students.

The room here is cute and small; it only fits four participants comfortably. So secure your spots quickly! Mats and props are available.

A note for online participants: I will be focusing my attention on the participants on the studio, meaning I will move around and will not always be visible for you.

What: Yoga for All

Where: Leyendeckerstr. 16, 50825 Köln or on Zoom.

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