About Happy Lotus

About Happy Lotus

Hello you, and how nice that you took the time to look at this page.

I’m Anna and I’m Happy Lotus. I am a trained yoga therapist and specialize in mental health. Yoga is something very special. I was able to experience that myself. I suffered from severe depressive episodes and eating disorders for a very long time, repressed many traumatic experiences for too long and simply didn’t know that I could get out of them.

You already guessed it: Yoga is the miracle cure that literally saved me.

First: Yoga is my pause button: No matter how hectic my life is, on the yoga mat I can fully immerse myself in the harmony of yoga and experience physical activity and relaxation at the same time. You will probably experience this right away as well. And you may have also noticed that your friends are in a much better mood after a yoga class than before.

Second: A regular yoga practice has changed my life for the (much) better. Through yoga I found a healthy and loving approach to my body for the first time in my life. I can appreciate and even love my body for the miracle that it is. I have learned to observe, tolerate and regulate my emotions. I recognize warning signs of depression much earlier and know what I can do then! And because of that I gained a lot of joy in life.

Yoga is a science. This is often not recognized. Instead, Yoga is dismissed as esoteric nonsense or athletic stretching. But it is so much more. The components of yoga are deliberately chosen to create a specific effect on your mind, your mood and your body. This is becoming clear in more and more studies. I find it fascinating that Western medicine is currently “discovering” many things that yogis recorded in their writings centuries ago. A great confirmation of my work as a yoga therapist!

Yoga is more than downward dog or other poses on the yoga mat. Yoga also includes breathing techniques, meditations and behavior principles. I use all of this in my work with you; we practice and research together.

I want you to benefit from all my experiences and knowledge so that you have a beautiful life and are healthy. I see yoga as holistic body work that is fun. Even if you are already in (cognitive-based) therapy, yoga is a valuable support. If you are waiting for a therapy place, yoga is a great way to use the waiting time and perhaps positively change one or two perspectives on yourself and the world. And if you have already completed therapy or don’t want therapy, yoga is a great way to anchor your chosen path in your body.

I give you the (emotional, physical and virtual) space to (further) discover yourself and the freedom to be completely yourself. Here you finally come to experience the moment, to be in the moment! On the mat you learn what is good for you and what isn’t; you strengthen your self-confidence so that you can go YOUR way. If you suffer from physical pain, you may find that a regular yoga practice reduces pain or even makes it disappear. Because body and psyche are connected and depend on each other.

In my work, I have noticed more and more often that it is usually the experiences and beliefs from childhood that have shaped one’s self-image and view of the world. Many things that are dismissed as “it was completely normal back then”, “I was just too sensitive”, or even “it was my fault” were in reality traumatic experiences, the consequences of which my yogis and yoginis still suffer from today. So I successfully completed my training as a “Coach for NI Neurosystemic Integration®” with Verena König and, in addition to yoga, I also use elements from ego state therapy, somatic experiencing (SE) and systematic therapy in my coaching.

In addition, I trained in yoga for people who have experienced cancer. I have often noticed how a cancer diagnosis robs people of their self-efficacy. My yoga and cancer courses are all about offering you a safe space in which you feel comfortable. The lessons are structured to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments, give you relaxation and strengthen you physically and emotionally. The group is absolutely wonderful. Here exchange and support take place in a loving way; and yet everyone has the space they want and need for themselves.

My classes are small and intimate, and we are there for each other. The face-to-face courses are even subsidized by many health insurance companies. And if you feel like you need more intensive support that is tailored to you and your needs, we can arrange individual sessions. There we will explore together how you can use yoga in all its forms to make you feel good.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very honoured to accompany you on your yogic path.



Yoga and Meditation Degrees (Excerpt)

  • Yoga and Mindfulness for Neurodiverse Children, Allison Morgan, 2023
  • Coach for NI Neurosystemic Integration®, holistic-integrative Traumawork, Verena König, 2023
  • Yoga and Cancer, KammlerAkadademie, 2022
  • Traumasensitive Yoga, ongoing
  • 25h Yin Yoga, Stefanie Arend, 2022
  • 200H Yogatherapy, Unity Training, 2021
  • Meditation Teacher, René Lecoutré, 2021
  • 300H Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, The Yogaloft, 2022
  • 200H Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yogalife, 2018
  • 25H Vinyasa Teacher Training, Vinyasa Yoga Academy, 2019
  • 60H Children’s Yoga Basic Teacher Training, Kinderyoga-Akademie, 2019


  • Yoga Alliance, E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP
  • BDYoga – Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland e. V. 
  • DGYO- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Yoga in der integrativen Onkologie e.V.
  • DeGyt – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Yogatherapie

University Degrees

  • Masters of Science Journalism, Boston University, 2001
  • Bachelor of Science Psychology, University of Utah, 2000
  • Bachelor of Communication, University of Utah, 2000


  • since 2018: Yoga and Meditation teacher
  • 2011-2019: UNICEF (Indonesia, Myanmar, HQ Geneva, Germany)
  • 2000-2002: Freelance Journalist (US and Germany)
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