About Happy Lotus

About Happy Lotus

With Happy Lotus I want to introduce the wonderful world of yoga to you. Whether you are stepping onto the mat for the first time or you have been practicing for many years: I am giving you the (emotional and physical) space to discover, and the freedom to be yourself. Our classes are small and we practice Togetherness with a capital T ;-). It has been a pleasure to see that this connectedness has held up even during Corona times, when we are able to practice online only. Newcomers are welcomed with an open heart into our community.

Yoga is not only wellness on a physical level. Just as important as physical fitness is your emotional wellbeing. I want for you to enjoy the time on the mat, to feel comfortable and safe and approach your practice with ease and fun. And I want you to leave class refreshed yet relaxed.

But I am only a tiny part of Happy Lotus. YOU make Happy Lotus the wonderful yoga community that it is. You enrich this space with your presence, your practice, your experiences. We have yogis and yoginis from all over the world practicing together – online and offline. I learn from you, I grow with you. I am with you on this journey.

I am very honoured to accompany you on your yogic path.

Why Yoga?

Wellness for your body….

…for your mind…

…and for your soul

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